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Elisabeth Salner in Mexico

"I studied abroad in Puebla, Mexico last fall and had an amazing experience. The experience was completely different from any other that I have had especially in terms of library use. The library technology was not as up to date as it is here at Wheaton. There were separate libraries for each school at the university I attended and during my time I used all the libraries out of the four schools. Research and locating books was much more of a challenge in Mexico because the database was not as elaborate and it was much more difficult to find books and get them from other libraries. Sometimes I was unable to take the books out of the library so I would have to photocopy pages of books to get the information I needed. This was also difficult because there was not always someone there to help me or who understood what I wanted to do. I am definitely lucky to go to a school like Wheaton where there is always someone to ask for help especially in the library when doing research."

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