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Ariel Perry in Greece

"In the summer of 2010 I spent several weeks in May and June on the faculty-led trip to Greece. The course was called "Of Minoans and Mycenaeans" and was taught by Dean Alex Trayford. Because the course was on the archeological sites and cultures of the Bronze Age, we traveled every few days to explore sites on both the Greece mainland and the island of Crete. For such a fast-paced course, we had little time to do much research while abroad and so we completed our research for our presentations while we were still at Wheaton. However, we had a big final paper on an aspect that we had explored in our presentations that was due at the end of the semester, so I spent a lot of time accessing the library databases from home in Maine.

Working as a PSA in the library since I was a freshman has helped me to gain a lot of experience navigating the databases and developing research skills to use in my classes. This job is great because I have been able to learn from many of the questions that other students ask the Research Librarians if I do not know the answer. I have been able to discover resources that the library has to offer on a regular basis so that when I am not at Wheaton I am able to find the information that I need (even on the obscure topic that I decided to pursue for my final paper - which had nothing to with either of my majors) on my own. Working at the info desk in the library is in my opinion the ideal work-study job because it allows you to be in the midst of any resources that you may need to use, as well as allowing you to gain assistance from the librarians to build skills that will be useful long after we leave Wheaton."

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