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Emiko Kurokawa in London

"For my fall semester freshmen year I spent the first four months of my college career in London through a joint study abroad program that Wheaton offers with NYU. During my time there I was exposed to an invigorating learning environment in which the city served as our classroom. For one course, instead of learning art history through textbooks, we were brought to galleries and museums to see the originals of the works of art we were studying. Due to my short time there, I was not able to work but volunteered at a soup kitchen over the weekends. Here at Wheaton College, I am fortunate to work at the Wallace Library as a PSA student. During my stay in London I was given unlimited access to the UCL Library Service. The one big difference I noticed looking back to my experience there was how much more practical and efficient the Wallace Library services are compared to the library services I used at UCL. The one research service that I use often here at Wheaton is the Interlibrary Loan service. While a similar service was offered in London, the books often took a week or two to arrive. Being stressed for time as these were books I ordered and used for school assignments this was often inconvenient. Here at Wheaton College, ordered books arrive at the latest within two days after placing the order. Overall, I could not have asked for a better start to my college experience and cherish the education I received in London that helped me better prepare for my next few years at Wheaton as well as the close friendships I made and still treasure to this day."

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