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Summer 2017 Gallery

Posted on August 10, 2017

Peeking in at the software developers and other scholars in the Lexomics Group


Welcome to our world of Lexomics! Professor Mark LeBlanc pouring his much needed coffee to start off the day. Cheng Zhang '18 (software lead) going over changes that the software group has submitted to him.
Beth Oliveira '18 using Lexos to work on her project on the authentication of Shakespeare's works. Xinru Liu '19 working on fixing the function that creates dendrograms. Emma Steffens '18 working on the code that runs the Lexos scrubber.
Alvaro de Landaluce '18 and Weiqi Feng '19 discussing their plan of action to get the new Lexos server up and running. It's all about Lexomics here! Weiqi working on the front-end code that runs the Lexos topwords function.
Beth recording her findings from her many tests on Lexos. Cheng and Arianna Alfiero '19 discovering a bug in the software! Shi Shen '18 rewriting the Lexos cutter function.
Josh Wolfe '18 working on the mathematics behind Lexos, mainly focusing on writing the In the Margins portion of Lexos. Emma smiling at the work we have accomplished this summer that will eventually be seen on Lexos v3.2. Everyone is hard at work, ensuring that effective Python is being used in the back-end code of Lexos.
Arianna bringing the code up to PEP8 standards. Emma conducting lots of unit testing to ensure the code works properly. Xinru doing some research to ensure the dendrograms are being built correctly.

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