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Campus Life

Follow timeline to help you with your application process.

--Research schools and departments

--Register and Take General/subject GRE
--Contact Student Financial Services for GRE fee reduction, if eligible.

--All schools are chosen
--Draft Personal Statement

October 1st
--Fill out Applications w/ Pencil
~ Writing samples
~ speak w/ faculty about recommendation
~ Compile financial information (SAR, Taxes, *Fee Waivers*)

October 15th
--Get feedback on Personal statement

Late October
--Type application

November 1st
--Request transcript & Complete Statement of Purpose for each school.
--Request Faculty Recommendations (provide personal statement)

Late November
--Assemble & Package Application

December 10
--Deadline for mailing complete applications.
This is a rough timeline to get you started. Depending on your program's deadline dates, you may need to adjust this timeline to meet your needs.

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