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Meet the 2015 Pre-Orientation Assistants

Posted on May 13, 2013

Mayte Contreras Caro ‘18
Major: International Relations, Minor: International Economics
Hometown: Boston, MA

I chose to be an Orientation Assistant because I remember the impact the Wheaton leaders had on me when I was in Pre-Orientation. In this role I will have the opportunity to share my experiences at Wheaton College with the incoming students.   Among the many things I like about Wheaton are the amount of resources that are offered. There is continuous support throughout campus, from professors to RA's to the staff at The Marshall Center.  I also like the fact that professor really try to make themselves available to students for office hours. At Wheaton, I am President of the Latino Student Association.  Our hope is to bring people of all races and ethnicities together for conversation on current events in the Latino/Hispanic community.


Maria Rios Brache ‘16
Major: Psychology, Minor:  Ethnomusicology
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Repubulic

One of the main reasons why I became an Orientation Assistant is because I was part of the Pre-Orientation program my freshman year, and it helped me build relationships with other students and with The Marshall Center.  Having the support of the people from The Marshall Center for personal, academic and social situations has enhanced my Wheaton experience in a very positive way and has prepared me to have a successful academic and social experience in college.  My involvement with the VJU (Voices United to Jam) club at Wheaton can be credited to the exposure I received to Orientation.  What I like best about Wheaton is the community feel, and I look forward to sharing that with the incoming freshmen at Pre-Orientation.


Jerry Joseph '16
Major: Business and Mangement
Hometown: Brockton, MA

I chose to be an OA because I really enjoyed being one for last year's Pre-Orientation. I got the chance to meet the incoming class and help them feel comfortable in their new environment. From attending Pre-Orientation my freshman year, I made great connections with my OAs, and they continued to help me through out the year and I really like that so I decided I wanted to do the same as well. I also wanted to get to know the upcoming freshman class so if they needed anything I would be able to help. Attending Pre-Orientation really benefited me because I met many people who I now have great relationships with; I strongly advise you to be open to activities and events on campus and try to meet as many people as you can because you never know, later on they might be the ones to help you out and get you connections. One thing I love about Wheaton is the sense of community. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. I believe the sense of community definitely adds to the Wheaton experience. Through out my time at Wheaton I have been involved in many different clubs and I strongly encourage everyone to get involve in at least one club that they are passionate about.


Alessandra Mistri '18
Major: Art History
Hometown: Bronx, NY

Last year I attended the Intercultural Pre-Orientation and I found it very helpful in my adjustment and welcome to Wheaton. I chose to be an Orientation Assistant because I want to give the same wonderful experience to incoming freshman that I had. During my first year in college, the Marshall Center provided me with opportunities to connect with other students of diverse backgrounds, as well as provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in a safe environment. In addition to the Marshal Center, Wheaton has helped me to understand my own potential as a person. My course work has given me opportunities in terms of career development and has helped me to better understand who I want to be professionally. As an Art History major I became the treasurer of ARTHive, the Art History club on campus. I am also the Sister Circle Liaison for the Feminist Association at Wheaton (FAW), whose aim is to connect the wide variety of women's groups on campus and foster a supportive environment for women at Wheaton. I look forward to meeting the incoming freshman this August!


sagenSagen Araya'18
Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Anthropology
Hometown: Belleville, NJ

I choose to be an Orientation Assistant because it was an important part of my Wheaton experience. I was part of the Pre-Orientation program my freshmen year, and absolutely loved it. I was introduced to the Marshall Center, which has given me support, guidance and helped me build connection with many students and staff members, and helped me with the high school to college transition. The Marshal Center gave me advice on what clubs are available on campus and what classes to take.

My favorite aspect of Wheaton is the atmosphere. The professors and staff members are always available and willing to help. Even though Wheaton is a small campus you will stumble across a new face everyday. I’m involved in Black Student Alliance, and Distinguished Women of Color Collective, Between the Lines Dialogue, and hold two jobs in Public Safety and SAIL. I want to give the same experience that I had to you. There are constantly events going on around campus. I am here to make sure you enjoy yourselves, so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. I can’t wait to meet all of you and get to know more about you. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


ezeanneEzeanne "Shawn" Fonge '16
Major: African American, African Diaspora Studies
Hometown: Boston, MA

I chose to be an OA because of the great experiences I had during my Pre-Orientation as a first year. I had already formed friendships with members from my class before school even started which made the first weeks of college easier. The OA's also served as great mentors for me and my classmates. We had managed to make a bond with them that still exists today and I know I can go to them still if I need anything. Orientation Assistants are a key part of your Wheaton experience and I wanted to be one because of that reason. The Marshall Center is a great resource as they provide a place for people of different backgrounds to come together. They have helped me be more open to new experiences as well. What I like most about Wheaton is the fact that it is really community oriented and everyone is very supportive of one another. At Wheaton I'm apart of the multicultural dance group Trybe, the spoken word group ISpeak, and the Black Students Association. I also recently co-founded a club with my friends called RISE which is a support group for men of color on campus. Overall, I strongly encourage all incoming freshmen to take advantage of the opportunities given at Wheaton especially by the Marshall Center as they will expand your growth. Hope to see many of you there!

tenzinTenzin Tsering ‘18
Major: Business and Computer Science
Hometown: born in Kathmandu / raised in NYC


I am a member of the 2018 Class Council and a member of Sole step team.
In the beginning, I was not able to come to the pre-orientation organized by the Marshall Center. However, I heard from those who did went that it was such a blast and a great way to integrate themselves into Wheaton. Although I didn't go to it, I knew that the Marshall Center was a place of warm welcomes. The Marshall Center is always organizing events where students can build a network with Wheaton graduates and professionals. The center also has events where students can learn valuable skills that are needed to interact with professionals. I found those events very helpful and knew I wanted to be involved in the Marshall Center.



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