Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Christina Blum

Class Year: 2011

Major: French

Hometown: Colebrook, CT

Why Wheaton? I love Wheaton because of the small class size that allows me to deepen my intellectual understandings of the world. The fact that it is close to home is an added bonus!

Favorite class: My favorite class was World Music: Eurasia that I took my sophomore year. I love music and learning about new cultures, and the fact that these two loves were combined makes it a class I can never forget.

Silliest moment: I’ve had too many and to think of one is nearly impossible.

Life after Wheaton: I am planning on working in Marketing (hopefully internationally!)

Why Wheaton in Focus? I love Wheaton in Focus because I am able to help capture the best moments of Wheaton. Also, it is a great way to build skill for what I want to do after Wheaton!

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