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Posted on November 16, 2008

If you have visited Wheaton and you didn't get a chance to drop in at the Lyon's Den, you missed a great spot. Now in its tenth year of operations, it's got the authentic vibe of a student-run coffeehouse because it is just that. And a comfortable hang-out most nights.

Regardless of whether you have hung out at the Den, you can now get a sense of what it's really like by watching our latest episode of Wheaton InFocus.

The whole production team enjoyed filming at the Lyon's Den--the coffee, the food, the music. Several of us also appreciated learning about some great-tasting, locally-roasted, organic coffee that you can buy from Ron Carlson, a.k.a as the Kilted Coffee Roaster. (You can see him in some of the shots during this episode.)

Special thanks to the Lyon's Den managers Andrew Malone, Ruby Solomon and Brian Sonnenstein, as well as all the folks at the shop, for helping to make this video possible.

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