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We’ve Arrived!

Posted on August 2, 2010

Arrival-in-ParoUpon landing in Paro, Bhutan, we were immediately greeted by a gorgeous 360-degree scene of rolling green hills, hugged by beautiful white clouds. After passing through customs, we exchanged some of our American dollars for Bhutanese Ngultrum and headed out to meet our driver. The drive to our hotel in Paro proved to be a quiet ride; silence filled the bus as we stared out the windows in awe, mystified at the backdrop-like scenery.  Cows in the middle of the road slowed our progress, but, after stopping at the wrong hotel, we came to Tenzinling Resort http://www.tenzinling.com.bt .

Upon our arrival at the Tenzinling Resort, we were instantly greeted by several hotel staff members, who, without hesitation, helped us with our bags. Many of us have encountered helpful and eager employees at hotels or restaurants; however, the level of generosity was astounding. We settled into our respective rooms, feeling like we were on a Bhutanese vacation.

Until next time,
Raffi, Yuri, Devon, Atsu, Lina, Emilia, Elana, Sarah, Bianca and Sue

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