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Service Award Photos 2013


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Five Years

Five year award recipients from left to right: (front row) Meghann Beaulieu, Denyse Wilhelm, Pamela Vaz, and Lisa Logan; (second row) Amanda  Bettle, Kathia Manzi , Wendy Rosenthal, and William Scott; (third row) David Burnham, Jim Mancall, and Kathy Westhaver.

Ten Years

Ten year award recipients from left to right: (front row) Gary Ahrendts, Erin Post, Melissa Hodgdon, Janet Birenbaum, and Kathy DiSilvestri ; (second row) Wendy Faxon; (third row) Jan Adie, Suzanne Abany, Scott Hamlin, and Valerie Desmond.

Fifteen Years

Fifteen year award recipients from left to right: (front row) Robin Woods, Paula Smith-MacDonald, and Ana O’Brien; (second row) Janet Sebetes, Michael Yelle, and Barbara MacKenzie.

Twenty Years

Twenty Year Recipients from left to right: (front row) Jane Young, Marge Werner, and Betty Polk; (second row) Joe LaCascio, Remle Gordon, and Vicki Bartolini; (third row) Michael Graca, Mark LeBlanc, and Joel Relihan.

Twenty-five Years

Twenty-five year award recipients from left to right: (front row) Beth Mohan, Donna Kerner, Jeanne Farrell, Jack Kuszaj, and Fernando Gomes ; (second row) Louise Batten and Patricia Santilli; (third row) Deborah Cato , Mark Flanagan, Christopher Robbins , and James Terrao.

Thirty Years

Thirty year award recipients from left to right:  Gloria Barker and Judy Purdy.

Thirty-five Years




















Thirty-five year award recipient Martha Lamb.

Forty Years




















Forty year award recipient Norman Forsythe.

Forty Five Years























Forty-five year award recipient Samuel Coale, V.

President's Award

President’s Award for Service recipients Sara Smith and Paula Smith-MacDonald with President  Ronald Crutcher.  Jan Hancock also received an award but could not be present to accept.

Vision of Service

Vision of Service award recipients were the members of the LIS Google Transition Team, from left to right: (front row) Roy Galang and Sue Wawrzaszek; (second row) Leanne Wood, Mark Parlan, Jessie Durand, Sue Morgado, Brian Gibson, and President Ronald Crutcher.

Gladys Kelley Award

Gladys Kelley Award recipient Michelle Monti with President Ronald Crutcher.



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