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Learning takes place both in an out of the classroom. we are committed to fostering a sense of intellectual community among students and faculty of the department.

Learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. We are committed to fostering a sense of intellectual community among students and faculty.

One of the strengths of the history department is our innovative courses. Students enjoy a wide variety of learning experiences in the classroom, such as:

In Hist 206 - Modern America - students analyze American society using commercials, print advertisements, MTV videos and oral histories.

St. George and the DragonIn Hist 215 - History of Russia - students visit the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA, to experience the art and history of Russian Orthodox Christianity.

In Hist 217 - Mundo Brasileiro - students learn about Brazilian history and culture through popular music.

Zeph Stickney in the Wheaton College ArchivesIn Hist 233 - U.S. Women, 1790-1890 - students visit the Wheaton College Archives to read original diaries and letters written by nineteenth-century women.

In Hist 337 - Power and Protest in the United States - students create a model activist organization to explore the dynamics of power, protest, and reaction in U.S. society.

Cloisters at Fort Tryon ParkIn Hist 253 - Popular Religion and Devotion in the Middle Ages - students travel to The Cloisters Museum and Gardens in Fort Tryon Park, New York, to experience the art and architecture of medieval monasteries.

View a full list of history courses.

There are two courses open only to history majors:

Hist 302 - Junior Colloquium
Hist 401 - Senior Seminar

These courses foster a sense of community in the department, while introducing students to the discipline of history.

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