Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Hispanic Studies


HISP 370: Latin American Women's Writing and Art

In this course we explore women's novels, short stories, poetry, painting, essays, and film from Spanish-speaking Latin America. Rather than merely apply theories about gender and women's artistic production from other traditions to these works, we will determine how these Latin American texts themselves theorize gender, sexuality, and women's different relationship to power.  Since our works span over 100 years and several genres, we will not limit our discussions to issues of gender and sexuality, but will also explore such themes as indigenismo, representations of childhood, the portrayal of memory, the combination of aesthetics and politics, censorship and issues of identity.  Although we must necessarily be very selective due to constraints of time, our main objective will be to explore the richness and diversity of women's cultural production in Latin America since the 19th century.

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