Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Hispanic Studies


HISP 400: Verbal and Visual Memory in 20th and 21st Century Latin America

In the Latin American context, memory and its representations have taken on increasing significance in the aftermath of the dictatorships, wars, and internal violence that have predominated in the region's recent history.  Debates emerge about the "past," about the place of memory and forgetting, as countries attempt to face and process their traumatic histories.  Twentieth-century Latin American cultural production engages in “memory work” of various genres.  Documentary photography, film, and testimonial literature perform valuable cultural functions as acts of memory and witnessing.  Memory work in the region also includes narratives of childhood that are often used to represent and shape collective memory and document identity formation.  In this course, through close analysis of selected novels, poetry, plays, testimonios, photography and film, we will explore the various expressions and representations of memory in Latin American culture.

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