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Minimum requirements for doctoral program

Note: Advanced Placement/IB credit in some areas may allow for more flexibility.

Major: There is no preferred or required pre-optometry major. Optometry colleges are interested in students from different educational backgrounds. Optometry schools know the importance of a broad liberal arts education that includes a solid foundation in the sciences (biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics) as well as coursework in the social sciences and humanities. Students interested in the health professions should choose a major based on their academic interests and abilities. High grades in a well-rounded curriculum are more important than a student’s major.

Prerequisites:The below courses represent the requirements of the majority of the 21 optometry colleges. There may be requirements at some optometry colleges that do not include a specific course(s) or require other specific ones.

Optometry School Admission Pre-requisites


Pass/Fail: Required pre-optometry courses should never be taken pass/fail.

Study Abroad: Pre-optometry courses should not be taken during study abroad. Most optometry schools will not accept premedical requirements taken at a for­eign institution.



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