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Timeline for Medical School Applicants

Careful planning is necessary for students interested in any of the health professions.  As soon as you are committed to following a pre-medical path, and would like to apply to medical school after the junior year, consider the below timeline as an outline for your studies, preparation, and application for medical school.


Freshman and Sophomore Years:

Begin and continue taking the pre-requisite courses for medical school.

Begin to explore research opportunities while at Wheaton, and considering joining a research team.

Consider volunteering and/or participating in a community service project while at Wheaton.  There are opportunities locally that should not be overlooked. Experience with patient contact is extremely important.

Carefully think about how you can use your summers exploring your health-related interests, either through an internship, research, or volunteer or community service.  Consider using your stipend or applying for summer funding, such as a Wheaton or Davis Fellowship, to fund a domestic or international health-related experience.  Remember - you only get three summers while in college and they should be used very wisely.


Junior Year:

Complete your prerequisites.  The premed courses (biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, physics, and English) must be complete in order to take the MCAT.

Start familiarizing yourself with the MCAT.  There are plenty of materials to use to prepare you for the MCAT.  Check with Dean Trayford who has complete past MCAT exams and other preparation materials.  Students can also decide to take an MCAT preparation test locally.  Wheaton may start offering MCAT preparation classes on campus for a very reduced cost compared to off-campus courses.

Begin to gather recommendations.  All recommendations and junior/senior course assessment forms must be received by Dean Trayford in Kollett Hall BEFORE leaving campus after the junior year if applying the senior year or by the end of the senior year if applying after graduation.

Start researching medical schools.  Learn as much as you can about specific medical schools.  Dean Trayford always has the latest version of the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) put out by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC)


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