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Bringing Wheaton to the World

The Center for Global Education offers over 70 approved study abroad programs to more than 60 different destinations around the world. Whether you would like to study abroad for a semester, academic year or on a Wheaton faculty-led program in January or in the summer, there is bound to be a program that meets your needs.

Studying abroad not only broadens your perspective, but also provides you an international network of contacts full of opportunities. In a world that is more and more globally focused, having the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to operate effectively in an international environment is vital. All students should check out the options available.

Please check out our complete list of approved programs here.

Non-Wheaton programs

If you are considering a program not on our approved list, you must make an appointment to meet with the Dean of the Center as soon as possible, where you will receive information about the non-Wheaton program petition process.

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