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When I heard that Wheaton would require me to pay for an insurance policy if I wanted to study abroad the last thing I wanted to do was pay. I mean doesn't the school have enough of my money already? Besides, I had been doing just fine staying on my mom's insurance policy up until that point and I didn't see any reason to get the extra insurance. I am sure that many students preparing to study abroad have similar reservations about purchasing insurance from the Global Ed. Center. This past summer during my studies in France I found out just how important the insurance policy can be.

We don't necessarily know the limitations of the coverage we already have in terms of foreign travel. Even though you might be traveling somewhere that is traditionally seen as "safe" or that is close to home accidents can happen, and no matter how careful you are you are still at risk of being hurt. Trust me, I found out the hard way. Halfway through my trip, through no fault of my own, I became another statistic in what it turns out has been an epidemic of drunk driving accidents that have plagued the South of France in recent years.

My injuries were pretty bad and I spent ten days in a hospital in Bordeaux, thankfully for the first three of them I was in a coma. I say thankfully, because French hospitals don't have air conditioning, and wine country in the summer is really hot. For this and a thousand other reasons I wanted to get out of the hospital as soon as possible. Thanks to my insurance policy, and the diligent work of Sue Atkins in the Center for Global Education, I was able to leave my nasty, sticky hospital room in France as quickly as possible. I got better much faster than the doctors had expected and when I first heard this I didn't think the insurance company would be able to change the dates on the tickets they had originally set up. All it took was one phone call and I was laying down in first class seating munching on roast duck. They covered my family's tickets too even though we had been unable to notify them immediately after the accident because I was unconscious. I am so thankful that I spent that small amount of extra money on the insurance policy. It was well worth it, like I said, trust me, I found out the hard way.

Hunter Walker
Class of 2006

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