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Study Abroad Policies

Program Participation

Study Abroad Participation

All students wishing to enroll in academic courses outside the U.S. and who intend to have these courses transfer back into their programs of study at Wheaton must first gain the approval of the Center for Global Education.

Students failing to observe this requirement may not be allowed to transfer course work completed overseas.

U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings

It is Wheaton's policy that students may not be enrolled in a study abroad program in a country for which a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning has been declared. Students are urged to investigate travel warnings in advance of beginning the application process.

Wheaton Honor Code

Wheaton students are expected to abide by the honor code during their study abroad program. Violations of the honor code during a study abroad program may result in having to appear before the College Hearing Board for possible sanctioning. This is separate from any action the host university may take in response to student conduct. While on study abroad programs, Wheaton students are ambassadors of both the United States and Wheaton College.

Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation

All study abroad participants must attend a mandatory Pre-departure Orientation and Program-Specific Orientation prior to departure. Students who fail to meet this requirement relinquish their right to participate in a study abroad program at Wheaton College.

International Students Studying Abroad in Home Country

International students who wish to take a Leave of Absence to return to their home country and who may wish to enroll in course work at a non-Wheaton program in their home country must submit a petition to the Global Education Advisory Committee. Students failing to observe this requirement will not be allowed to transfer coursework completed overseas.

Students on Academic Probation

Students on academic probation are not eligible to apply for study abroad while in this status. Students are welcome to discuss study abroad options with staff at the Center for Global Education once they have been removed from academic probation.

Study Abroad in Senior Year

Students who wish to participate in study abroad in the fall semester of their senior year must petition the Committee for Academic Standing for approval. Students should discuss their plans with Academic Advising and the Center for Global Education early in the process.

Third Consecutive Semester Abroad

Students who wish to participate in study abroad for a third consecutive semester that does not involve their senior year must petition the Center for Global Education for approval.

Wheaton Program Changes

The Center for Global Education or the Program Director has the right to make cancellations, substitutions, or changes to the program in case of an emergency or changed conditions in the program.

Academic Policies

Wheaton Curriculum

The Wheaton Curriculum has been devised by Wheaton faculty in order to provide all students with an interdisciplinary academic experience across Wheaton departments. It is because of this dynamic curriculum that some requirements may only be taken on the Wheaton campus. The information below will assist you with planning your study abroad courses.

Students may fulfill the following course requirements during a study abroad program;

-English 101 with English Department approval
-Quantitative Analysis (QA) with appropriate Math/CS or Philosophy approval
-Foreign Language (FL) with departmental approval. If the language is not offered at Wheaton approval must be granted by the Dean of the Center for Global Education.
-Major courses with prior approval from department chair
-Minor courses with prior approval from minor coordinator

Students MUST fulfill the following requirements at Wheaton College:

-Connection Courses which includes divisional requirements
-Divisional (breadth) requirement from a non-connection
-Capstone Experience (seminar, research project, or creative project)

The Center for Global Education recommends that students meet with their major advisor(s), minor coordinator and Center for Global Education advisor while planning their overseas academic experience.

Foreign Language Courses

Students who wish to enroll in language courses that are not taught at Wheaton while on a study abroad will have courses reviewed and approved by the Dean of the Center for Global Education.

Studio Art Policy

Studio Art Majors
Students can take two core studio courses (painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography) for pre-approved credit for the major. Students can petition for additional major credit through portfolio review. All foundation courses (Two-Dimensional Design, 3-Dimensional Design and Drawing I) must be taken at Wheaton College.

Studio Art Minors
Students may take one core studio art course (painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography) that can be pre-approved for minor credit. Two of the three foundation courses (Two-Dimensional Design, 3-Dimensional Design and Drawing I) must be taken at Wheaton College.

International Internships for credit

Academic credit for internships must be approved by a specific Wheaton academic department and fall within the scope of a liberal arts curriculum and BA degree. Under general Wheaton guidelines, students must be enrolled in an academic seminar, which corresponds to and supports the internship experience. Students are expected to work a minimum of 15-20 hours per week, complete a weekly journal, and a final paper or project. Written work, which is assessed and graded by a resident faculty member, must constitute an important part of the experience. Wheaton academic departments may set other requirements for credit approval, including a review of written work upon return to Wheaton. This should be discussed with the appropriate Wheaton departmental/major advisors and be pre-approved as part of your Wheaton Study Abroad Application.

Volunteer/Service for credit

Academic credit will not be awarded for volunteer and community service activities which are not linked to a credit-bearing course. Students must first have a Wheaton faculty member review any volunteer or service projects for which they hope to earn academic credit.


Students receive transfer credit for courses receiving a Wheaton "C" grade or better during a study abroad program. Students must take an equivalent to 15 to 16 U.S. semester hours of credit in order to be considered a full-time student and to receive 4.0 transfer credits for a semester. Students taking less than this amount will receive less that 4.0 Wheaton credits.

Since students are generally unfamiliar with the academic culture of an overseas institution, students are discouraged from taking what would be considered at the host institution to be over and above a normal full-time course-load.

Students may not take on-line courses for Wheaton credit without approval of the Educational Policy Committee.

General Education Credits

The minimum amount of transfer credit necessary to fulfill a General Education requirement is .75 credits unless the department approves otherwise.


Overseas course grades do not calculate in the Wheaton GPA. Students must monitor their grades during a study abroad program. Courses awarding the equivalent to a Wheaton "C" grade or better will be awarded transfer credit.

Pass/Fail options are not considered for transfer credit unless a letter/numerical assessment is recorded.

The grading systems vary at each overseas institution. Students should investigate the grading system for their specific program or university of interest in advance.

Note: Students should also be aware that future employers, graduate schools, and fellowship review committees will request transcripts from all institutions that you received transfer credit. This includes the grades received during a study abroad experience. If an official study abroad transcript is required, students must order them directly from their host institution/program.


Official transcripts from the overseas institution or program sponsor are sent within 4-8 weeks to the Center for Global Education upon successful completion of the study abroad program. Transcripts are evaluated at the Center for Global Education and then sent to the Registrar's Office where the transfer credits are awarded and entered into the student's academic record.

Students may check the status of their grade evaluation through Window.

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