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Application and Deadlines

The following steps are to assist you in completing the Wheaton study abroad application process for the Center for Global Education.

Step 1

Research Wheaton study abroad programs and obtain information about the application process, course offerings, deadlines, etc. Students should also determine how study abroad will fit into their major and minor academic plans.

The Center for Global Education will hold a Study Abroad Fair in mid-September. Students should attend this Fair to meet with representatives from the study abroad programs in which they are interested.

Contact the Center for Global Education by telephone (x4950) or stop by 5 Howard St. to make an appointment with a study abroad advisor.

Step 2

Discuss your plans with your major academic advisor. You should plan on discussing the semester you plan to study abroad, courses you are planning to take, and your overall academic goals. If you are hoping to fulfill courses towards a minor you should plan on meeting with a minor faculty coordinator as well.

Step 3

Students should meet with a study abroad advisor and obtain the Study Abroad Application materials at the meeting(s). The appropriate Wheaton faculty member must review and approve your selected courses for transfer credit.

Faculty Department Chairs should select whether the course will fulfill major (Ma), minor (Mi), Foreign Language (FL) or a General Education (GE) course credit by selecting the appropriate course code indicated on the application.

Faculty may request course syllabi which can be obtained through the program or university website. If you wish to have a course designated as a Wheaton equivalent, an appropriate Wheaton faculty member must review the corresponding course title and number.

A database of approved courses from Wheaton study abroad programs is available. This is a list of courses students have taken most recently, but is not a complete list of course offerings at Wheaton program locations.

Step 4

The following materials must be submitted by the appropriate Wheaton application deadlines:

  • Wheaton Study Abroad Application (course selection and signatures, an essay, official transcript, 1 or 2 faculty recommendations (depending on program), and general student information) is due on or around October 1st for spring and March 1st for Academic Year & Fall.
  • Program-Specific Application Materials (pick-up in Center for Global Education or online) are due on or around October 1st for Spring & March 1st for Academic Year & Fall semesters.

Step 5

The Study Abroad Application materials must be submitted to the Center for Global Education by the appropriate deadlines.


Before you submit your Wheaton Study Abroad Application and Program-specific application materials, students should review the following checklist:

Applications will only be reviewed if all components are included:

  • Information is filled in completely on all application forms in pen.
  • Wheaton Study Abroad Application is submitted with all necessary components.
  • Students have obtained faculty signatures for all course (except those in the database) and have had all major advisor(s) sign for approval of their overall plan of study.
  • Students have requested transcripts from all institutions where college credit has been awarded. They should be sent directly to the CGE.
  • Students have provided a copy of the photo page of the passport.
  • Passport-sized photographs have been submitted along with the application (depending on the program).
  • The proper number of faculty recommendations have been sent to the Center for Global Education.
  • A resume/CV has been attached if applying to the BU Internship programs.
  • All program-specific materials have been completed and submitted with the Wheaton Study Abroad Application.

Step 6

Academic Credit Requirements for Overseas Internships and Community Service
A Wheaton academic department must approve academic credit for overseas internships in advance. Wheaton academic departments may state additional requirements, which should be discussed when you meet with your major advisor or Chair of the Wheaton department approving the credit. Credit will not be awarded for volunteer and community service activities, which are not linked to a credit-bearing course.

Step 7

Special Requirements for Senior Study Abroad
If you are applying to study abroad abroad during your senior year you will need to petition the Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) prior to submitting your petition. A schedule of CAAS meetings is available in the Academic Advising Center and the Center for Global Education. For further instructions make an appointment with a staff member in the Center for Global Education (x4950).

Step 8

Financial Aid, Merit Scholarships & Other Tuition Benefit Recipients
Students participating on a Wheaton study abroad program and receiving financial aid will be able to utilize their Federal and State Financial Aid, Merit Scholarships (Balfour, Trustee, and Community), Wheaton need-based grants, and loans for study abroad. Students under the federal work-study program are unable to use their allowance for the duration of their time away from campus.

Tuition Remission students may use their benefits on Wheaton study abroad programs only.

Financial aid is NOT transferable to summer/winter study abroad programs.

Step 9

Program Approval & Acceptance
If your Wheaton application for a Wheaton study abroad program is approved, the Center will then send the materials directly to the program for consideration. Students will receive notification of acceptance typically 4 weeks after the deadline date.

Students will need to await final acceptance from the overseas institution and will be informed by the Center for Global Education regarding their application status by receiving an acceptance packet.

Step 10

Study Abroad Preparation
Once students are approved and accepted they will need to take the necessary steps to make sure they are completing all paperwork and attending all mandatory workshops prior to leaving Wheaton College. Students are required to attend the mandatory Wheaton College Pre-Departure Orientation.

Students not attending will forfeit their participation in a study abroad program. Students should make sure they read all materials and ask questions as they go through the pre-departure process.


If you should have any questions please make an appointment to speak with a staff member or Peer Advisor in the Center for Global Education.

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