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Refund Policy for Short-term Programs

This policy is an exception to Wheaton's regular refund policies and applies only to students participating in Wheaton short-term study abroad programs.

Wheaton College incurs many costs as it prepares for students to be involved in study abroad programs each semester. Many of these costs cannot be recovered if students withdraw from program participation after signing the Wheaton College Study Abroad Contract confirming participation in a Wheaton study abroad program. In order to protect the integrity of the study abroad process, the financial commitments of the College and the interests of all program participants, we are obliged to observe the following policies on refunds:

  • Students who officially withdraw by the established deadline may receive a refund less unrecoverable costs.
  • Students who officially withdraw after arrival in the host country would be accountable for the entire fee assessable for the intended program.
  • Exceptions to this rule would apply ONLY in the following circumstances: Death of an immediate family member (defined as parent/guardian or sibling) Terrorism, civil unrest in vicinity of program, or act of war as defined by the Center for Global Education and the Global Education Advisory Committee
  • Students meeting any of these criteria would receive a 100% refund minus unrecoverable costs.
  • Students who are sent home due to disciplinary action will not receive a refund.

Merit Scholarships and financial aid may not be used to cover charges arising from a student's failure to participate in the program. Final decisions regarding refunds will be made by the Center for Global Education.

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