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Wheaton Sponsored International Opportunities

Emerson Grant Funding

The Center for Global Education encourages the development of international academic experiences for students by faculty. Small grants are made available from the Emerson Fund to support faculty who wish to develop January or summer overseas programs. Interested faculty should discuss their proposals with the Dean of the Center for Global Education.

Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

In our ongoing commitment to internationalize the curriculum and to develop new and unique international education experiences for our students, Wheaton faculty are encouraged to develop short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs. These programs typically run during the January break or the summer. The Center for Global Education provides a great deal of support in organizing these programs. Interested faculty would be expected to prepare a proposal as a means of securing approval for such programs.

Faculty are encouraged to follow closely the Guidelines in developing the proposal for such programs. Staff at the Center for Global Education are willing and available to assist in developing the proposal, particularly in conceptualizing how the program could be managed within the constraints of the dates of travel as well as in developing the program budget.

Faculty should develop a proposal using the approved guidelines and submit to the Center for Global Education. Please contact the Center for Global Education at ext. 4950 if you have any questions.

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