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  • Glasgow School of Art

    Profile The Glasgow School of Art is internationally recognized as one of Britain's foremost higher education institutions for the study and advancement of fine art, design and architecture. It is a small, specialized and highly focused international community of artists, designers, and architects. Students will find the School an immensely stimulating and creative place where […] More »
  • Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship Program

    University of Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship Program

    Profile With the establishment of a Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh in 1999, the University of Edinburgh offers the opportunity to serve as interns to Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) in a semester-length program. Interns complete a five-week academic program at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute of Governance before being assigned to MSPs within the […] More »
  • University of Edinburgh

    Profile The University of Edinburgh, with a student enrollment of over 20,000, is a dominant presence in one of Europe's most attractive cities. Founded in 1583, this Scottish university boasts a tradition of excellence in eight major Faculties. The University's classroom and research facilities, libraries, Student Union and residence halls are located throughout Edinburgh, making […] More »