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Posted on September 24, 2013

The University of Minnesota Program at the University of Montpellier, France offers students a rich academic and cultural experience at its Learning Abroad Center in Southern France. The Language and Culture Program is designed for students at the Beginning to Intermediate Language levels.  Advanced language students follow the Integrated Studies Program with all courses taught in French. Students are able to enroll in French Studies courses at the Institut d'Études Françaises pour Étrangers (IEFE), as well as the option to enroll directly into the Université de Montpellier.

The Université de Montpellier is one of the oldest in the world (1160), re-established after the French Revolution (1896) with 70,000 students enrolled in three main campuses and academic divisions. Most students with advanced/Mastery-level French enroll in Montpellier III, also known as the Université Paul Valery.  This includes Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Science and Technology subjects are offered at Montpellier II.  Students are assigned academic advisors and French language assistants, who provide guidance with orientation, course registration, and housing assignments.

Montpellier (pop. 300,000) is located within 5 miles of the Mediterranean coast with Spain and Italy as relatively close neighbors. It offers a rich medieval history and a unique mix of Mediterranean cultures. Montpellier is a diverse, progressive urban center. Travel from Paris to Montpellier by train takes 3 hours.

Program Dates
Early January to late May for Spring Semester

Early September to late December for Fall Semester

Wheaton Tuition and Housing.  Board fees (meals) are either paid directly to U Minnesota (family homestays) or students manage their own money and meals preparation (residence halls or apartments). See Estimated Budget Sheets for other expenses.

Courses & CreditsStudents enroll in 15-16 U.S. semester hours, which will earn 4.0 Wheaton credits (usually five courses).

GPA required: 2.75 cum/ 3.0 gpa in French. Minimum requirement: one year of college French or the equivalent for Language & Culture Program.  Four semesters of college French or the equivalent for Integrated Studies and university enrollment. Applications are submitted on-line. The $50.00 application fee is paid by students to the University of Minnesota.

Housing & Board
There are a variety of options: homestay families, apartments and residence halls. Students apply for housing directly with the University of Minnesota. Wheaton pays for the cost of housing. Meal arrangements depend on the type of housing students select  and students are responsible for meals.

Guidelines and application forms are available in the Center for Global Education or on line at the University of Minnesota. 

Make an appointment to see Lynn Gaylord in the Center for Global Education, ext. 4950. Program details are subject to change at the discretion of Wheaton Center for Global Education.

Courses of Study
Study options are offered in Two Study Tracks. Language background and placement exams determine which “track” a student may pursue.        

All courses are taught in French.


  • TRACK ONE:  Language and Culture.  Beginner to Intermediate language study at the University of Minnesota Study Center. Students do not enroll in University classes.
  • TRACK TWO:  Integrated Studies. Advanced language study, as well as French Studies content courses taught in French. Enrollment at the  Institut d'Études Françaises pour Étrangers (IEFE), as well as University Integrated Classes (Advanced/Mastery Levels).

Cross registration may be possible though most students enroll in Montpellier III. The French university system is very complex; the U Minnesota staff assist students with academic planning, selection of courses and registration.

Montpellier I   - Allied Health, Theology, and Economics.  (Law, Medicine, Pharmacy studies are not open to visiting students.)

Montpellier II – Natural Science and Technology

Montpellier IIIUniversité Paul Valery - Arts, Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences.

  • Internship Options for Advanced Students. See program information for details and requirements.

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