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London School of Economics and Political Science Budget

Posted on January 25, 2013

London School of Economics and Political Science
Academic Year 2013-2014

The following are budget guidelines for student expenses for a one year of study at the London School of Economics and Political Science. For detailed information, visit the LSE Website.

Program Costs to be paid to Wheaton College:

• Wheaton Tuition Only

Students are not charged the technology, laundry, or the student activities fee while on a study abroad program. Fees will be billed to students on their regular Wheaton College student account during regular billing cycles.

Wheaton Confirmation Fee:
All students accepted to a study abroad program will be assessed a $500 non-refundable confirmation fee at the time of confirmation of study abroad participation.

Program Includes:

  • Tuition and Academic Fees
  • One round-trip airfare from Boston or New York to London.

Other Expenses Covered by StudentStudents are responsible for all the following additional expenses, which are estimates.These are estimates (based on a 9 month period) and may change depending on exchange rates, lifestyle, and other factors.

Students are responsible for securing their own housing, through application to LSE/University of London Accommodations (accommodation@lse.ac.uk). Applications usually are submitted online AFTER a student has received notice of acceptance. Applications should be submitted AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Board - “self-catered” (estimated)

Required Supplemental Study Abroad Insurance [not required if on Wheaton’s health coverage (Koster)]
$40.00 per month

Travel to meet overseas flights

Passport Fees (first time U.S. applicant)

Entry visa – Tier 4 General Student Visa

Books & Supplies (estimated)

Local Transportation (estimated)

Personal Expenses (variable expense per lifestyle)

Students are responsible for housing and board during any scheduled university breaks during or between Terms.

Currency Exchange: The exchange rate at the time of producing this budget was $1.00 US=.62 British Pounds (12/2012). Students should be aware that exchange rates fluctuate daily and students should investigate currency rates using the following website: http://www.xe.com

Program details are subject to change at the discretion of the Center for Global Education.

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