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University of Sussex Budget

Posted on January 24, 2013

University of Sussex Budget
Fall/Spring Semesters 2013-2014
The fees, charges, and expenses shown are estimates provided by the University of Sussex and are based on current information.

Program Costs to be paid to Wheaton College:

  • Wheaton Tuition Fees
  • Wheaton Housing Fees

Students are not charged the technology, laundry, or the student activities fee while on a study abroad program. Fees will be billed to students on their regular Wheaton College student account during regular billing cycles (July for Fall semester & December for Spring semester).

Wheaton Confirmation Fee:
All students accepted to a study abroad program will be assessed a $500 non-refundable confirmation fee at the time of final confirmation of study abroad participation.

Program Includes:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Housing and utilities
  • Round-trip airfare on group flight from Boston or New York area airports to London

Other Expenses per semester: Students are responsible for the following additional expenses. These are estimates and may change depending on exchange rates, lifestyle, and other factors.

Board – (“self-catered”); students handle on individual basis

Required Supplemental Study Abroad Insurance [Not required if on Wheaton’s health coverage (Koster)]
$40.00 per month

Transportation to meet group flight

Passport Fees (first time U.S. applicant)

*Entry visa (only required for stays over 6 months)*
(excluding postage and expediting fees, if incurred).

Books & Supplies (estimated)

Local Transportation

Personal Expenses (variable expense per lifestyle)

* U.S. citizens studying in the United Kingdom for a period greater than 6 months are required to obtain an Entry Visa. Citizens of other countries should check requirements for entry by going to:  http://www.britainusa.com

Students are responsible for housing and board costs incurred during any scheduled university breaks during or between Terms.

Currency Exchange:  Students should be aware that exchange rates fluctuate daily and students should investigate currency rates using the following website:  http://www.xe.com/

Program details are subject to change at the discretion of the Center for Global Education



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