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Posted on January 7, 2013

Through Wheaton's many programs and cooperative programs, students have the possibility to study abroad in countries across the globe. Here's a list of the many destinations and adventures awaiting your perusal:

Australia (James Cook University, University of Wollongong)
Argentina (IFSA-Butler)
Austria (IES Vienna)
Balkans (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia) (SIT)
Belize (SIT)
Bhutan (Wheaton in Bhutan)
Bolivia (SIT)
Botswana (University of Botswana)
Brazil (SIT)
Cameroon (SIT)
Chile (IFSA-Butler)
China (Alliance Program, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Costa Rica (IFSA-Butler, Organization for Tropical Studies)
Czech Republic (SIT)
Denmark (Denmark International Studies)
Ecuador (SIT)
Egypt (American University of Cairo)
England (London School of Economics, University of Sussex, Oxford)
France (Sweet Briar JYA)
Germany (University of Regensburg, FU-BEST)
Ghana (SIT)
Greece (College Year in Athens, American College of Greece)
India (SIT)
Ireland (University College Cork, Burren College of Art)
Italy (Middlebury Ferrara and Florence, Cortona, IES Rome)
Japan (Waseda University)
Jordan (SIT)
Madagascar (SIT)
Mongolia (SIT)
Morocco (SIT)
New Zealand (University of Auckland, University of Canterbury)
Nicaragua (SIT)
Panama (SIT)
Peru (IFSA-Butler)
Russia (Middlebury in Russia, American Councils for International Education)
Samoa (SIT)
Scotland (University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Parliamentary Internships, Glasgow School of Art)
Senegal (SIT)
South Korea (Ewha Womans University)
South Africa (Rhodes University, Organization for Tropical Studies, SIT)
Tanzania (SIT)
Tunisia (SIT)
Uganda (SIT)
VietnamĀ (SIT)

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