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Student Perspective: Traditional Medicine in China-Wheaton Summer 2011

Posted on June 14, 2011

This summer 16 students are spending three weeks in the city of Kunming and surrounding areas exploring the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine from a biological perspective. One of those students Michaela Superson '13 has been keeping a photo blog of her experience.

In her own words:
"Whilst on my first expedition outside of America to the Yunnan province of China, I have kept a photographic journal of the native faces, the historical places, and the adventures the group of Wheaton students and I have embarked upon while studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Compiled in the flickr site I have created are some of my favorite moments--and often the most quintessential aspects of China--of the trip. Through these pictures I hope to share the true beauty of Chinese culture, both modern and traditional." --Michaela Superson '13

Share her experiences as posted on her flickr page and follow along as she learns about the biological perspectives of TCM.

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