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PRESHCO Consortium Program, Cordoba

Posted on July 22, 2010

* Please note that this program will not be offered by Wheaton after the Spring semester of 2013. Contact the Hispanic Studies faculty for further study abroad options in Spanish speaking countries.



The PRESHCO Consortium Program* at the Universidad de Cordoba in Southern Spain is committed to high academic standards and to provide opportunities for students to develop their knowledge of Spanish language, literature and culture in one of the most picturesque and historically rich cities of Spain. PRESHCO was established to encourage the intellectual and personal growth that comes from immersion in another culture; to offer an opportunity to enhance acquisition of the Spanish language; and to foster knowledge and appreciation of Spanish literature and culture through studies in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts.


Fall (Early Sept. to mid-December) Spring (Late January to late May).

Courses & Credit

Students enroll in four courses per semester earning 4.0 Wheaton credits. See .


Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and two years of college-level Spanish language or the equivalent. Applications are reviewed by the Hispanic Studies department and a PRESHCO Admission Committee.

Housing & Board

Students live in residence halls, apartments or with host families. A meal plan or kitchen facilities are provided.


Wheaton Comprehensive fees - Expenses covered include tuition & fees, housing, board, textbooks, cultural events, some excursions and an ISIC Card.


Available in the Center for Global Education and the Hispanic Studies Department.


Professor Hector Medina, Wheaton College’s Department of Hispanic Studies and Caroline Hughes in the Center for Global Education

*Members of the PRESHCO Consortium include: Oberlin College, Smith College, Trinity College, Wellesley College and Wheaton College.

Courses of Study

All courses are taught in Spanish


1301. Advanced Oral and Written Communication

1306. Topics in Spanish Phonology and Linguistics

1310. Translation


1601. Introduction to Spanish Literature I

1602. Introduction to Spanish Literature II

1611. Seminar: Female Heroics in Spanish Theater

1612. Seminar: Studies in 19th & 20th Centuries Literature

1614. Seminar: Women and Culture in Literature of Francoist Spain

Fine Arts

1700. The Music of Spain

1701. Spanish Art: From the Islamic Period to El Greco

1702. Spanish Art: From Velázquez to Picasso

1720. Seminar: Methods and Techniques in Andalusian Art Restoration

1730. Seminar: Topics in the History of Spanish Art and Architecture


1401. Roman Andalusia

1404. The Spanish Middle Ages

1405. Social and Economic Conditions of Women on Their Own

1406. The Colonization of America

1407. Political Reform and Social Change, 1808-1936

1410. Seminar: El Franquismo and the Transition to Democracy


1500. The Geography of Spain


1811. Political Philosophy: Spain & Latin America

Interdisciplinary Courses & Seminars

1910. The European Union: Economics and Society

1911. The European Union: Political Structures and Institutions

1912. Women in Spanish Society

1914. From Text to Film: Spanish and Latin American Cinema

1915. The Semitic Legacy in Hispanic Societies

1916. Islam: Beginnings, Introduction into Spain, and Contemporary Andalusia

1917. Image, Gender And Sexuality: Contemporary Spanish Cinema

1920. Andalusian Archeology: Theory and Practice

1921. Theory and Methods in the Study of Prehistoric Material Culture

1922. Comparative Political Institutions: Spain and the U.S.


Course descriptions and other important information are available on the PRESHCO website.

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