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About Crowdfunding

Whea Can Do It connects our students with the things they are passionate about. It helps them find the funding they need to explore their interests through entrepreneurial and innovative projects. It enables alumnae/i and friends of the college to support a project that holds interest for them and to connect with the students carrying out the project.

In order for a project to be posted on the Whea Can Do It page the project must be student initiated. Students seeking funding must submit an application or contact Patty Grundy, Senior Assistant Director for Student Fundraising. Applications are carefully reviewed by members of College Advancement and other divisional representatives. Projects are judged by their goals, their fit within the Wheaton mission and the level of organization and commitment demonstrated by the student or the team of students.

Wheaton College FAQ

When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged immediately upon submitting your gift on the site.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?
Yes! All gifts received through the Whea Can Do It platform are considered donations to Wheaton College and are thus tax-deductible. Donors will receive a tax receipt following gift processing.

Will 100% of my donation benefit the project?
There is an established fee structure for all crowdfunding campaigns of 8% of funds secured.

What if my project doesn't meet its funding goal?
If a project falls short of its funding goal the funds raised will still be released to the project sponsor. In the event a project cannot be undertaken because of the shortfall the money raised will be retained by Wheaton College for use on a project with similar goals.

What happens if a project exceeds its fundraising goal?
If a project raises more than its stated funded goals a member of the Advancement staff will work with the project sponsor to determine whether the surplus should be used to expand or enhance the project or reserved for use by similar projects in the future.

Does my gift count towards the Wheaton Fund?
Your gift to a project (unless it is a Wheaton Fund project) will be counted towards the overall participation rate for the College, however, it will not be counted towards the Wheaton Fund dollar goal or Wheaton Fund participation rate.

How do I take advantage of my employer's matching gift program to support a project?
Please obtain matching gift forms and information at your place of employment and note on the form the name of the crowdfunding project you wish to support. The matching gift will be added to the project once it is received by Wheaton College.

Are international donations accepted?
Yes we accept international gifts via credit card.

What is Wheaton's Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number?
Wheaton's Tax ID Number is 04-2103638

Whea Can Do It

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