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Student-Faculty Collaborative Fund

The Student Faculty Research Collaborative Fund creates opportunities that reflect the essence of the student experience at Wheaton and give the Provost the broadest discretion to award stipends where needed.

During the school year, Wheaton directs a portion of its student work-study budget to the Wheaton Research Partnership, which enables faculty to hire assistants for scholarly work. With additional resources, Wheaton could provide the opportunity for more students to work with faculty while earning income to support their academic efforts.

Seniors who are working on honors thesis projects often spend a full year on the effort, under the guidance of a faculty member.  In some cases, students need funding to pay for a transcriber of an oral history, travel costs, or supplies such as books, software or laboratory materials. The college sometimes provides support through existing funds, but this capacity is limited. With additional resources, Wheaton could extend this support more regularly to students engaged in these advanced projects each year.


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