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Student-Faculty Research

Student and faculty research is a hallmark of Wheaton's academic strength. Through collaboration, students and faculty produce original scholarship in subjects ranging from music and math to chemistry and history.

The benefits of student and faculty scholarly collaborative work is clear and substantial. Student-faculty research

  • prepares students for professional jobs and graduate schools
  • advances the expertise of our faculty members
  • strengthens the college’s educational programs

The college is uniquely qualified to provide these type of intensive learning opportunities due to the expertise of our faculty and their commitment to teaching and mentorship. “Collaborative research with students is the most potent and valuable type of teaching we do,” says Professor of Chemistry Janina Benoit.

Numerous student and alumnae/i satisfaction surveys rank “student–faculty interaction and relationships” as one of Wheaton’s greatest strengths. Many of the students who have won prestigious scholarships such as the Rhodes or Fulbright report that they gained valuable experience through such collaborative work.

Wheaton students stand to grow both intellectually and personally through such opportunities, and our faculty is fully committed to making them possible. Expanding the endowment resources that are devoted to these partnerships is therefore a priority of the college.


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