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Lithia Helmreich

The Wheaton Fund plays a part in getting state-of-the-art technology, laboratory materials and library resources into the hands of students.

Astronomy class

Contributions to the fund help Wheaton innovate. For example, they support The WHALE Lab—a place where making/fabrication space meets interdisciplinary research. This growing laboratory is full of equipment for projects and prototyping so students can design robots, invent new musical instruments or even develop the next hot mobile app.

The Wheaton Fund also supports faculty labs, including one in which students study biological processes through the investigation of sea urchins.

In addition, the fund keeps our classrooms smart, supports our campus-wide Wi-Fi (even in the Dimple), ensures Madeleine Clark Wallace Library’s book and digital collections are maintained and curated, and keeps us current with access to digital subscriptions to information resources.