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The Russell Sage Foundation

Russell Sage Foundation offers awards, grants, and positions in its Visiting Scholars Program for research that falls under their areas of interest. The Foundation currently pursues five principal programs: 1) Research on the Future of Work concerned with the causes and consequences of changes in the quality of low-wage work in the United States and other advanced economies; 2) Research on Current U.S. Immigration aimed at discovering how well immigrants and their children are adapting socially, politically, and economically to life in the United States, particularly as they move beyond the traditional immigrant gateway cities; 3) Cultural Contact concerned with understanding and improving relations between racial and ethnic groups in schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and other key institutional settings; 4) Social Inequality, focused on the social effects of rising economic inequality, with particular attention to the ways in which the U.S. political and educational systems have responded to growing economic disparities; 5) Research on Behavioral Economics that incorporates the insights of psychology and other social sciences into the study of economic behavior.
Deadline: September and April, Annually

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