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  • Ride the wave

    The Class of 2010 shows their appreciation to the thousands of people who have supported their education through contributions to the Wheaton Fund. More »
  • Did you know...

    Alumni giving serves as the measure by which corporations and foundations rate alumni involvement. This is a major consideration for these groups when making major gifts to colleges and universities. More »
  • Rating Alumni Satisfaction

    U.S. News and World Report use alumni giving participation rates as the sole criterion to rate alumni satisfaction when completing overall institutional quality ratings. More »
  • Why should I participate?

    Did you know that Wheaton's younger classes make up a whopping 40% of Wheaton's total alumnae/i body?  There's strength in numbers! More »
  • Just IMAGINE what your impact will be!!

    Your gift will contribute toward financial aid packets, student activities, athletics, and even the strength of your degree. With this Challenge, your $5 gift equals $25 for Wheaton!  More »
  • Every generation of Wheaton students...

    has benefited from the generosity of those alumnae/i who came before them.  The Stand Up 4 Wheaton 2010 Challenge helps to ensure that this tradition continues today. More »
  • Exciting news to share

    A new donor has come forward challenging <i>you</i> (members of the classes of 1990-2009) to get 200 more donors in two weeks. Show your support: Stand Up by May 18, and Wheaton will receive $20,000 more. More »
  • Remember...

    One person, educated at Wheaton, can positively affect the lives of thousands. More »
  • Your Participation Matters...it does make the difference.

    Your gifts, combined with those of others, help bridge the gap between tuition revenues and actual expenses, helping to sustain Wheaton's excellence. More »
  • Wheaton Students Don't Stand Still

    They join clubs—or form new ones.  They attend lectures and plays, political rallies and rugby games.  There’s room to stand as alums, too, and supporting the Wheaton Fund is one of those ways. More »