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Business investment fund

Like any great start-up, our Business and Management program needs room to grow and change—and benefactors to support those efforts. We have a vision for today and big ideas for the future.

An investment fund will give faculty members the flexibility to develop student enrichment programs such as:

• A speaker series that brings business and industry leaders to campus to interact with students through seminars and lectures.

• A business development center where students become consultants and take on real business projects.

• A competition that encourages students to develop a business plan—a money-making venture or a nonprofit idea—and awards prizes (seed money) for the top proposals.

• A chance to take advantage of the bustling business centers in nearby Boston, Providence and New York City. Through our “Wheaton in ...” program, students could travel to these cities, meet with business leaders and get advice on landing their dream jobs.

If these ideas seem ambitious, that’s our intent. We did say this was serious business.

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