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What was your most memorable moment at Wheaton?

Wenzhuo S '17: The day we visited Wheaton president Crutcher and Mrs. Crutcher in their Berlin apartment: it was an afternoon full of conversations, good food, and crazy stories.  I was awed by so many different Berliners who came to meet and greet us.  The image of that room, of that afternoon stuck in my mind throughout the rest of my years studying German, and became part of the reason for me to "go back" to Europe for my graduate studies.

Shawn P '12: "Hosting the German Club's Oktoberfest was the capstone event at Wheaton for me. Pretty much any function or activity that the German Club hosted ranks highest in my memories."

Haley G '12: "Studying abroad in Regensburg was a life changing experience that I will always remember as a highlight of my time at Wheaton."

Joe B '06: "My most memorable time was when Prof. Lee took the six of us from Regensburg to Dresden (Spring2005) and we saw the house and literary works of Erich Kästner."

Kym L-D '04: "The most memorable year of college was my Junior Year abroad in Freiburg, Germany. It solidified my understanding and fluency of the language and brought me to the next level of study. I also enjoyed planning the Oktoberfest dance and the meals that we had as a German club. Because we were such a small department, we were able to bond very closely with one another and support each other."

Rachel M '04: "My most memorable college experiences happened during my JYA in Berlin. Though my life after college hasn't overlapped directly with my German studies, the indirect benefits of my year abroad and German education are strongly felt in the ways I relate to the world and interact with new situations."

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