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Features of the Program

Features of the Program

* A full six-month program
* Open to sophomores and juniors (3 semesters of German, min. GPA 3.0 required)
* Full matriculation at the University of Regensburg with access to courses in all disciplines
* An individualized tutorial program accompanying university courses
* An extensive cultural-events program plus a cultural allowance (currently €200)
* Single, private room in university residence apartments

Language Program
Eight weeks during January, February, and March are devoted to the language program, conducted in conjunction with the language-instruction section and language laboratory of the University of Regensburg. Students are grouped according to ability and background. Successful performance on the final exam allows students to enroll in courses offered by the University during the following semester (note that you will arrive in Germany when the winter semester is still ongoing). During the language course, the program offers a series of cultural events, featuring films, theater, and museum visits, as well as excursions to nearby places of interest.

Spring Break
During the spring vacation, students may travel independently or take part in low-cost trips sponsored by the University or student organizations to Prague, Vienna, Munich, or to the Alps for downhill or cross-country skiing. The residence halls will remain open for those who wish to remain in Regensburg.

The Academic Semester
A German university is essentially a graduate school. For American undergraduates this means that the choice of courses is limited both by their own linguistic ability and their level of competence within a discipline. Nonetheless, Wheaton students attend regular courses, normally lectures and proseminars, at the University of Regensburg. The program provides tutors, usually advanced graduate students or post-doctoral fellows. They meet once a week with groups of students, guiding discussion and answering questions about the content of the courses, final papers/exams or more generally about the disciplines.

Course Schedule from 2011

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