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Budget Adjustment via WINDOW

Budget Transfer Instructions

Important: If you do not have the appropriate org security/access to complete a budget adjustment, please submit your request on a Budget Adjustment Form (Excel) and submit it to the Budget Office.

1. From the WINDOW Main Menu, select Financial Information

2. Select Budget Transfer

3. Choose BD04 - Temporary Budget Adjustment from the Journal Type Drop Down Box

4. Enter the transfer amount. This is the dollar amount you want to transfer from one account to another

5. Enter the org, account and program you want to transfer the money from (reducing the current budget)

6. Enter the org, account and program you want to transfer the money to (increasing the current budget)
Note: You MUST enter your program. To find the required program, enter your org in the Code Criteria box in the Code Lookup section at the bottom of the page. Make sure organization is the selected type - Click on "Execute Query". This will retrieve your org and default program.

7. Enter a description (example: "Transfer student employment funding") Note: This is a required field.

8. Click on Complete.

After you click complete, you will receive a confirmation message similar to the one below with a unique Document number.

Document J0018865 completed and forwarded to the Approval process

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