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Mona Damluji

Mona Damluji

Mellon Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Art/Art History

Mona Damluji is the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Asian & Islamic Art History and Visual Culture at Wheaton College. She received her PhD in Architecture from the University of California,  Berkeley with a designated emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies. She is a member of the Arab Council for Social Science working group on space and has published work in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review and the International Journal of Islamic Architecture.

Mona's ongoing research traces intersecting cultural histories of oil  extraction, global media, and urban development in Iraq, Iran and other  oil-producing countries in the Arabian Gulf during the mid-twentieth  century. She examines how British oil companies engaged in the  production and circulation of visual media, including documentary films  and photography, as part of a cultural project to transform the image of oil exploitation from a colonial and extractive practice to a  productive and necessary mechanism for national development, progress  and modernity in the Middle East.

Mona teaches undergraduate courses in architectural history, urban studies, film studies, and Middle Eastern studies. She is committed to developing  engaged and creative educational platforms for high learning and public  outreach. She has organized events and exhibitions for the Arab Film Festival, Berkeley's International House, and Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

For a full list of publications and biography, please visit: http://monadamluji.weebly.com/


Ph.D., Department of Architecture, University of California, Berkley (2013)
M.S., Department of Architecture, University of California, Berkley (2009)
B.A., Architectural Studies, Department of Art History, Tufts University (2003)