Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Linette G. Liebling

Linette G. Liebling

Visiting Instructor of Psychology

M.S.P.H, University of Massachusetts
B.A., Ithaca College

Main Interests

My work at Wheaton is very important to me as I love the contact with students. In addition to teaching at Wheaton, I have a Public Health consulting practice. Currently my clients include the Massachusetts Departments of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Department of Public Health. I have been training middle school teachers on a Statewide comprehensive sexuality education program which I developed. My work with the Department of Public Health has focused on trauma informed primary prevention for adult GLBTQ communities. I am also working with the American Psychological Association to create safe schools for healthy outcomes among the GLBTQ communities as well. Additionally I work with several youth serving organizations on developing policy and procedure manuals which support the goals of the organization.

In addition, I am trained in Motivational Interviewing and for the past ten years I have been educating Public Health workers in the use of MI to facilitate behavior change in their clients. I have conducted numerous workshops and training programs for social service and public health professionals. My main area of interest is in creating sexually literate adults who act responsibly. I also feel committed to raising awareness of and repairing existing traumas.

Other Interests

At the present time I serve on the boards of several organizations to further my mission in working for social change. I serve on the Mass Promise board, which is a statewide program of Americorps. I am also serving a three - year term on the board of The Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. Recently I joined The Philanthropy Connection board. I have also served on the boards of The Massachusetts Midwives Association, and the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts for three terms, one of which I served as President.