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Laura Muller

Laura Muller

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
A.B., Bard College

Research Interests

Chemistry of Artists' Materials
Dissemination of Oil Paint Technology
Spectroscopy of Liquids and Solids
Synthesis and Analysis of Novel Sol-Gel Materials

Teaching Interests

FYS: aMAIZEd and confused (investigation of America's dependence on corn)
Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Thermodynamics
Quantum Chemistry
Chemistry Senior Seminar

Other Interests

Being outside, bicycling, reading

Student projects and presentations

Student projects

"Molecular Changes in Lead Oils" with Caitlin Glover '08

"Copper as a Catalyst for Plant Oil Films" with Julia Dekermendjian '08

"Polymerization of Plant Oil Films" with Sarah Stollar '08, Julia Dekermendjian '09, and Emily Williamson '09

"Examining the Sol-Gel Process" with AnGayle Vasiliou '05

"Separation of Pyrene Solutions in Microconfinement" with Shaelah Reidy '03, Kelly Neale '04 and Amber Lehmann '04

"Self-Organization of an Organically Modified Polyoxotungstate" with Miles Sweet '01

"Development and Analysis of a Novel Aging and Drying Method in the Sol-Gel Process" with Terry Goodrich '00

"Pore-Size Effects on the Fluorescence Spectra of Sol-Gels" with Leslie Sarikas '99

"Population Study of ADH activity in Drosophila" with Katie Yeaton '99


S. B. Stollar*, J. Dekermendjian*, E. Williamson*, and L.J. Muller, "Polymerization of Plant Oil Films", oral presentation, Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry, New Orleans, March 2008.

S. B. Stollar*, J. Dekermendjian*, E. Williamson*, and L.J. Muller, "Polymerization Studies of Oil Paint Films", talk, American Chemical Society National Meeting, Boston, MA, August 2007.

L. J. Muller, "Molecules and Masterpieces", talk, American Chemical Society National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 2007.

L. J. Muller , "Strategies for Undergraduate Student Faculty-Research Collaboration Learned Through the Involvement of a Student with Diagnosed Learning Disabilities," Journal of College Science Teaching 36, 26 (2006).

L. J. Muller, "Dissemination of Technology Among Artists: Documenting the Use of Linseed Oil As Binder in Paint", poster, Art Techological Source Research Conference, Madrid, Spain (2006).

* indicates undergraduate collaborator