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Darlene L. Boroviak

Darlene L. Boroviak

Professor of Political Science, Emerita

Ph.D., Washington University, St. Louis
B.A., Beloit College

Main Interests

Comparative Politics: European politics; transitions in Eastern Europe; European integration and the European Union;issues of migration and asylum in Europe. International Relations: International political economy, especially theory; security issues, development issues; U. S. foreign policy; international law and organizations.

Research Interests

My current research interests include the integration of higher education in the European Union; the evolution of immigration, asylum, and citizenship policies in the the European Union; the evolution of human rights law and the challenges to state sovereignty.

Teaching Interests

I teach Introduction to International Relations, U.S. Foreign Policy; International Law; Senior Seminar in IR; Introduction ot European Politics; European Integration, plus assorted First Year Seminar topics.

Student Projects

Recently have worked with students on honors theses on Turkey's chances of becoming part the EU; reconstructing judicial structures after genocide; on increasing concerns with immigration in the United States; and evaluation of the work of NGOs in Africa. In additon I have supervised independent readings courses on the origins of Hamas and Palestinian governance and definitions of citizenship and immigration policies in France and Germany.