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Anni Cecil

Anni Cecil

Professor of History
Chair, History Department; Henrietta Jennings Faculty Chair for Outstanding Teaching (2015-2020)

Ph.D., Boston College
B.A., University of Maryland

Main Interests

My teaching and research interests include European military history; modern German and Russian history; the impact of U.S. military communities overseas after 1945; military life.

I am working on a book about Army wives living on posts in the trans-Mississippi West, in Cuba and Puerto Rico, and in the Pacific Rim - Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines - during the period between the Civil War and World War II.  These decades saw great changes in the Army and in American society. Army women experienced those changes along with all the adventures, excitement, boredom and pride of making a life on remote Army posts.

I am also working on another exciting project with my Wheaton Research Partner, Khalifa Alghanim.  We are developing a website to collect stories, photos, audio, video, and other artifacts about life on and around American military bases at home and overseas.

Military Life Memories, as it is called, will be a crowd-sourced project - anyone can contribute to it. Military Life Memories will serve as a permanent collection for researchers and members of the public who wish to learn about this unique subculture.

When the site is up and running, I will post a link here.  I hope you will contribute your stories!

Teaching Interests

Courses I teach regularly include:

In Fall 2016 I will be teaching Hist 112: Europe 1000-1700 and Hist 240: Modern German History.

Selected Publications, Creative Work, or Performances

"The Abolition of the Army Canteen, 1898-1914," The Journal of Military History, July 2016.

Life in the U.S. Armed Forces: (Not) Just Another Job, Praeger (2008).

U.S. Soldiers Overseas: The Global Military Presence, Praeger (2004).

Wiesbaden and the Americans, 1945-2003, Wiesbaden StadtArchiv Verlag (2003).