“New media” refers both to the emergence of new information and communication technologies (ICT) as well as to the convergence of formerly distinct media — print, photography, cinema, radio, television, etc. — in digital environments.  In ENG 231: Introduction to New Media, Professor Josh Stenger stresses the importance of developing "digital literacy" with respect to these phenomena.  Since this means knowing how to write with digital tools as well as how to read and think critically about ICTs, students taking the course don't just study new media; they produce new media content as well.

Though specific areas of focus vary from year to year, students engage topics such as the history and future of the Internet; the digitization of art, literature and film; digital copyright and intellectual property; the ‘freedom’ of information; social media and participatory culture; privacy vs. security; ‘smart’ technologies; and the role of new media in globalization and political movements.