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Tianna Lall

Tianna Lall’s love for playwriting began in her first year attending Wheaton College. Her experience with musical theatre in high school sparked her interest in the performing arts. A playwright of Surrealistic Realism, Tianna’s plays deconstruct the intricacies of family relationships through a metaphorical lens to reveal living situations of those marginalized by various forms of social injustice. Her use of spare dialogue and photo negative imagery gives the audience a peek of what is left unsaid in American society. During her education at Wheaton College, Tianna has studied all relevant areas of theatre practice (acting, directing, stage managing) and this has allowed her access to all dimensions of theatricality, helping her to formulate her unique style of playwriting.

Tianna has had her plays showcased in several annual and bi-annual play festivals at Wheaton. Her first full one-act play, Being Ready, debuted in Spring 2011 as Part One of a trilogy that analyzes social change in family settings. Part Two, Violent Tendencies, premiered in Fall 2013 as an independent showcase and Part Three, currently untitled, will debut in Spring 2014. Tianna is also working on a senior independent project which involves writing a play in collaboration with Wheaton’s Senior Ensemble class, which will premiere in Spring 2014.

Tianna Lall, Advanced Playwrights 2013-2014

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