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Thomas Nagata

Thomas Nagata is a Theatre major who directs, acts, dances, stage manages, and performs music.  He was raised in Los Angeles and began performing music and dance at a young age.  He is a new playwright, exploring characters that are pushed to their limits in response to traumatic events.  Thomas’ father left when he was 12, and just old enough to understand what was happening, but not to know why and it was out of his control.  He places his characters in uncontrollable lives where they are forced to cope with what they are given.  He employs dialogue that flows naturally and conveys a Realistic style through speech and content.  He also tends to include choreographed, dance-like scenes with music but no dialogue.

His first play, The Disease, was performed in the Ten-Minute Play Festival at Wheaton College in spring 2013.  In that same year his adaptation of John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club, which he also directed, was produced by Café Theatre at Wheaton College.  In fall 2013 his play, Preserved, was performed in the Ten-Minute Play Festival.  Thomas has written two long form plays, A Growth and SpecialSpecial will premiere in Wheaton’s New Plays Festival in spring 2014.  In addition to these plays, Thomas has written a series of monologues, adaptations, and musical arrangements.

Thomas Nagata, Advanced Playwrights 2013-2014

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