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Sherry Wei

Sherry (Xiaroui) Wei was born and grew up in China, but pursued her college education in America with one semester spent in Italy. Her experiences in different cultures have shaped diverse perspectives for her as a playwright. She enjoys asking questions about existence and seeking philosophical meanings in her writing, which attempts to transform socially relevant messages into writing experiments.

Sherry started writing plays in English in 2011. Her first full-length play, All These Silences, tracks love and sexual identity in a blended family. Her second full-length play, Some Melodious Sonnets, exposes the collision of different values and views in a Christian family. Two of her short plays, Theunspokenlword, which presents the aftermath of violence, and Al Di Là nel Paradiso, which shows how technology and media negatively affect interpersonal communication and relationships, premièred in Wheaton’s Ten-Minute Play Festivals in 2012 and 2013 respectively. She is currently working on a play that explores love and identity.

Sherry Wei, Advanced Playwrights 2013-2014

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