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Montana Rogers

As a writer, Montana Rogers starts with a tiny glimpse of an image and follows it through to one of its potential endings. She believes that everything is connected and that we are drawn to those people, ideas, activities, and events that are relevant to us in the moment. In her writing she seeks to understand the world around us, exploring the various relationships we find ourselves in, including those with our environment, friends, and family. Themes of love and family matters are prominent in all of her works as is the consideration of where and how we find our individual peace.

It wasn't until college that Montana gained a firm confidence in her writing and truly owned her voice and style as a writer. With guidance from Professors Deyonne Bryant and Charlotte Meehan, she has cultivated a body of work including fiction and plays. Her short story, “Fatherless Anyways,” was published last year on allthingsgirl.com. Her two short plays Carried Away (March 2013) and Gravity (October 2013) were presented inWheaton's bi-annual Ten-Minute Play Festivals. Her first full-length play, Somewhere Stopped, will be presented in March 2014 as part of Wheaton's New Plays Festival.

Montana Rogers, Advanced Playwrights 2013-2014

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