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Harry Bachrach

Harry Bachrach is a young playwright from Boston, aspiring to make audiences look in the mirror and laugh at themselves through theatre. Being a shy person, theatre has helped bring out his artful side. Harry has been surrounded by the theatre and other creative inspirations since he was a young boy. One of the most inspiring was poet Matthew Lippman, who taught at his high school. The influence of creative writing in high school with the often daunting reality of being an adolescent makes for Harry’s serio-comedic writing style. Harry’s first longer form play, Playing House, will be premiered in March 2014 as part of Wheaton College’s annual New Plays Festival.

Harry has written two-ten minute plays, Scroll Down for Samantha and A Tall Order, which were included in Wheaton’s bi-annual Ten-Minute Play Festivals. The former was shown in the spring of 2012, and the latter in the fall of 2013. Both of these plays comment on the relationship between men and women, speculating on the differences between married and unmarried couples. Consider this an invitation to leave your seat now and watch some great theatre at Wheaton College.

Harry Bachrach, Advanced Playwrights 2013-2014

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