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Ava Jaulin

Ava Jaulin is a 22-year-old fiction writer turned playwright who has found joy on stage for more than 20 years, playing a plethora of parts both in English and in French. Her plays reflect her fascination with unearthing dark, twisted family secrets as well as dynamics. She gets much of her inspiration from her own  family, which happens to find itself in — or creating — seemingly hopeless messes. As a product of a hilarious, sarcastic, confused, broken, dramatic, and highly artistic home, she’s always found comfort in the written word.

Two of Ava’s plays, Teenland and Confessional, were performed in Wheaton College’s bi-annual Ten-Minute Play Festival while a handful of her short stories appeared in her high school’s literary magazine, The Mystic Muse. She has built up her portfolio through Wheaton College courses in creative writing. Thanks to the support of some very patient and talented professors, she has defined her aesthetic.

Ava has a couple of projects currently in the works, including a play in progress, Soror, which explores the complicated webs between a single mother and her twin daughters, and will be performed in Wheaton’s New Plays Festival in March 2014.

Ava Jaulin, Advanced Playwrights 2013-2014

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